WEB ADVERTISING CAN WORK FOR YOU! To place things in "perspective", the WORLD WIDE WEB offers you a golden opportunity for your business to inexpensively sell and promote it's services and/or products - to The Entire World!!
- virtually an audience of untold millions!

Should ALL Companies use Web Advertising? Maybe - or Maybe not!

IF you offer a product or service that can be distributed beyond your "local" area, then Web Advertising should be considered! If your product or service might be attractive to a global audience, then Web Advertising should be considered a "must"! Things are changing, rapidly! Marketing and Advertising is changing! Once Billboard advertising was "in"! Today, that market is diminishing! Newspaper Advertising? - becoming less "effective" as newspaper audiences decrease, no longer "the" source of news and interest articles! Radio Advertising? - slowing down! T.V. Advertising? Still popular but check out the costs - scary!! Web Advertising? the fastest-growing advertising medium available - and still very affordable!

According to According to "Search Engine Position.com" last year turned out to be a banner year for online retailers. Overall, there was a 40% increase in revenues generated from online sales versus the same time period in the previous year, according to research firm ComScore Networks. On-line retail spending during the holiday season was up as well. Online travel was the big winner, however, with a 45% increase over the same period in the previouis year, equivalent to US$60 billion in sales for the year.
It is estimated that approximately 80% of car buyers shop on-line before showing up at the dealership, equipped with information that would rival even the best salesman. The trend towards consumers seeing more and more advertisements on the internet, rather than seeing these ads while viewing a sitcom or sporting event on TV, is a direct challenge to the large corporations TV advertising budgets".

Based on these numbers it is estimated that consumers spent an average of $400-million per day on-line throughout November and December.

Another interesting set of figures (supplied by Search Engine Position.com) show: The number of internet users in 2006 in North America was over 200 million. In Noerth America, 70% of all households have internet access, In Europe, 40% of all households, World-wide, 18%. Travel and recreation activities and "big ticket" retailers are some of the areas most commonly researched on the web. The impact of this on businesses is obvious - either you have (or get) a viable website or you may as well start planning to close your doors - it is a matter of time.

Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman (and the "Guru" of the "computer world" - in the eyes of many), believes the enevitable availability of "total " information, will profoundly "change" the whole concept of "competition" in the Business World! Much of today's competitive "edge" by any business is due to superior "knowledge" or "access" to information! When such information becomes universally available then any such competitive edge disappears! All of this, of course, is due to the increasing use of computers! The bottom line on all this - as far as YOU may be concerned - is that computer use is "skyrocketing" in both the commercial and public sectors, which in turn means a bigger audience for YOUR product and/or services! The day is rapidly approaching where mass advertising via electronic communications media such as the Web will be mandatory for survival by many businesses! You will be either "IN" or "OUT" - no middle ground!

Now, should YOUR Business use Web Advertising? Here are some guidelines;

A) Do you provide a product/service that can be sold distant from your location? - If so, consider Web Advertising!

B) Is your product/service designed for "local-only" sales? If so, Web Advertising may not offer much for you yet (unless you are located in a large urban/highly competitive area) - mind you, it's good for "the image".

C) Do you offer a service (ie: insurance, restaurant, tours, small retail store, convenience outlet etc..) again, targeting "locally"? - Web Advertising may not produce worthwhile results - yet!

D) If your product/service could be sold through a "branch(es)" or "distributor(s)" then Web Advertising SHOULD be arranged A.S.A.P.!

E) Are you in the "Tourism" trade (lodges, hunting/fishing/skiing packages, resorts, B&B's, hotel etc..) trying to attract business out-of-province/state/country? - then you NEED a Web site presence! (many of your competitors do already - certainly the larger ones!)

F) Will Web Advertising portray an "image" of modernization or being "up-to-date" in your particular sales "world"? If so, by all means, use Web Advertising! Web Advertising works well for "Image" as well as Products & Services!

G) Am I looking for employment and want my resumé or CV to reach as many prospective employers as possible? - the answer is obvious, employers by day may well be "Web Surfers" by night!

O.K.! You have convinced yourself that Web Advertising is worth a "try"! Now, do I need a Large "flashy" display with all the "Bells & Whistles" -or- something "Simple" and conservative? This is where ACCESS Web Solutions can offer advice! What you do and how much you do depends on a number of variables that should be discussed before proceeding any further. Starting "small" on the web - and letting your online successes justify a larger more complex site is "The" way to go! Let your site "pay" for growth!

If you are interested in Web Advertising, then Call, E-Mail or write us today! We would like to talk with you and hear your thoughts on what you will like to see on your Web Site! If you are concerned about COSTS involved in Web Advertising, then check out our "Prices & Packages" page!

(p.s. It is helpful but not mandatory that you have an E-Mail address - in fact, you do not even NEED a computer! We will set up your page(s) and arrange for queries to be directed to you by post, fax or telephone call! Contact us for more details and ask to speak to clients in this category!)

page updated September 1 2009